Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fiat Barchetta or Opel Tigra Twintop?

Today I had my fifth driving lesson. As they say, "practice like practice, but theory is what kills you". Or, was it the other way? Anyway, the percentage of Romanians who get their driving license is, nowadays, about 20%. Not of Romanians, but of those who sit the exam. While I am against letting all the "daddy's boys" run wild on the streets driving 4X4's, I still think 20% is too little. We'll live and see - and, by the way, one needn't pass the exam the first time one sits it.
Anyway, a few days ago, I went to the Mall and I was "introduced" to an Opel Tigra Twin Top:

Then, as any good researcher, I went home and, on the net, I found this jewel: a Fiat Barchetta:

So, dear Santa: I've been a good boy, and I haven't terrorized little kittnens. OK, I allowed Shushu to be neutered, but I hope you'll forgive me for this. So, please, can I have my driving license and one of these two cars?