Sunday, September 1, 1991


My love, I have been waiting for you, and I am still,
Though time itself got older for such a long awaiting.
Autumnal trees are sifting the leaves in their thrill,
And darkness snows its being above, the autumn stating.

I'm deafened by the silence you have put around you,
Come back to me, my sweetheart - your pain is hurting me
I pray the Lord that ending shall have an ending too,
Oblivion shall melt in its own old history...

I am still waiting, darling - as now I just have been
The autumn too got rusty for such a long awaiting,
The elder people lose, on the park paths, all they've seen,
Though autumn, in my heart love's flourished like a painting

Virgiliu Pop
Timisoara, September the 1st 1991