Sunday, November 12, 2000


Love is patient, love is kind,
Envies not and is not proud,
Suffers all, believes in all,
Hopes in all, endures in all.

What if spoke in thousand tongues
Llke angels from above?
I’d only be a sounding brass
If all I had - but love.

If mysteries to me were plain,
My faith might mountains move.
But everything would be in vain
If all I had - but love.

The gold I have may feed the poor;
But, giving lovelessly,
Like flamess my body would endure,
Would never profit me.

While tongues may flee away from me
And prophecies will fall,
While wisdom will no longer be,
- Love will survive them all.

Glasgow, 12 November 2000
Apostle Paul, paraphrased by Virgiliu Pop

Friday, March 31, 2000


I fell in love with a beautiful stranger.
It could have been with a flourishing tree -
Spring makes them both spread their charm, like an angel
opens its wings unaware one can see.

But, while the tree will have faded with years
Losing its beauty while adding a ring,
The stranger’s face, showing up in my tears
Will always be how it looked in that spring.

Virgiliu Pop
Oxford, March the 31st, 2000