Sunday, December 14, 2008

Laughing mad: Certificate of future ownership of Epsilon Eridani b

Do you want a "certificate of Future ownership, assuming that you and or an ancestor can take possession of" Epsilon Eridani b? Do you know that "No one owns space because no one has claimed it…. Yet!"? Then, visit e-bay, where you will learn, from capcan74, that, according to one Virgiliu Pop, author of "Who Owns the Moon?” - Extraterrestrial Aspects of Land and Mineral Resources Ownership" (Springer, 2008),

"Space is indeed a new frontier calling for individualism rather than collectivism, and its challenges need to be addressed with a legal regime favorable to property rights." and "Property rights are a useful engine and, in all likelihood, a precondition for pushing forward the development of the extraterrestrial realms".


"You have already missed out on the Moon, Mars is next to go. Are you going to leave your Ancestors out of the Final Frontiers land-rush! The United Nations has declared that celestial bodies may not be claimed by any Nation, but as an individual you can!"

Well, dear capcan74, if you knew any better, you'd read more about my stance on "unreal estate" and you'd know that space, and celestial bodies, have been claimed by countless individuals, city councils, and schools. You'd learn that homesteading the final frontier does not mean simply claiming a planet, and that my name should not be used as an endorsement of such empty claims.

As for your fear of "leaving your ancestors out of the final frontier", I have excellent news - Celestis provides excellent space funerals!


IchigoKaworu said...

Ya, I didn't read you book, although I plan on it now. However I still believe that selling a certificate of possible future ownership is not at all inappropriate. I am sorry if I misused your name in the add on eBay.