Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Suvarnabhumi International Airport is Thailand’s newest transport interface with the world. Everything of importance in Thailand has the “Bhu” particle included – be it the airport or the King. The first thing I saw in Thailand was the King’s portrait, next to a slogan wishing him long life. In fact, HM the King of Thailand will turn 80 in a few days. Last year, he celebrated 60 years on the throne, making him the world’s longest reigning monarch currently in office. I was told before – and this will be confirmed to me – that the Thai are not too fond of the way their country is portrayed in “The King and I” / “Anna and the King”. To them, the image is as untrue as it is to Romanians the image of a Transylvania populated by vampires. I was a bit worried that I would enter Thilnd in Bangkok, whereas my luggage would clear the customs in Chiangmai. I was told this is allright, as I would collect my luggage from the International Arrivals in Chiangmai. Fair enough – so I proceeded to the immigration gate, where my passport was checked and duly stamped. Here I am, in Thailand, my first South-East Asian destination. The flight schedule provided for a few hours waiting period in the Suvarnabhumi airport, so I purchased some Thai Bath – the local currency, and I searched for an internet wifi spot. Unfortunately, despite the modernity of the arport, the internet was not working. Perhaps it was just a temporary problem. Not too worried, I proceeded to the boarding gate, where I watched some Thai TV ( a show dedicated to the King’s aniversary) and remarked that a big deal of my fellow travellers are Hungarian.
2007 11 20 bangkok airport (2)
2007 11 20 bangkok airport (3)
2007 11 20 bangkok airport (4)
2007 11 20 bangkok airport (1)