Monday, November 19, 2007

First leg: Timisoara-Vienna: no cold water

Here I am, in the lounge of Timisoara's airport, waiting for my flight to Vienna. The airport is changing at a very fast pace - due to Carpatair (I will actually fly Austrian), Timisoara is becoming a regional hub. Building works as building works, but what is not excusable, is the lack of water in the bathroom. My hands are full of dry soap ... as I commented with the security staff, the "good times" (Ceausescu's) are back. The security staff actually envy me for leaving the airport - they have to stay here for the whole day.
2007 11 19 tm vienna (1)
Austrian Arrows - operated by Tyrollean - flying from Timisoara to Vienna under the aegis of Austrian Airlines - code shared with Tarom. Easy to understand, isn't it?
2007 11 19 tm vienna (5)
Why do people smile when they are photographed? Why do I smile? No idea.