Monday, November 19, 2007

Intermezzo: Vienna Airport

It's cold. It's very cold. I made the mistake to leave my winter jacket in Romania. After all, I am going to Southern Asia ... all my other clothes are in the checked luggage, and until I check in for the flight to Bangkok, there is still a lot of time. Trouble is, I will spend three weeks to the tropics, and then, when I will return, it will be to a very cold Romanian winter. This year, Timisoara witnessed an unusual snow in November. Take that, Al Gore! Global warming? I would rather say, a new ice age. But, I am biased ... I never understood how Santa Claus chose his job. I mean, he was a bishop from Asia Minor (I visited his church in what is today Turkey), and imagine the shock on his flock when he declared: M'dears, I shall move to Rovaniemi, Republic of Finland.
But I diverge. Here I am, in Vienna, happy that at least there is free wireless internet and an available electricity plug. I wish there was a bed somewhere, where could sleep. And a warm jacket. This reminds me: "What is blue and kills old people? Hypothermia!"


magda said...

Imi place finalul, esti foarte spiritual.

magda said...

I have another answer: VIAGRA!