Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The International Year of Astronomy in Bucovat, Timis County

We meet again our friends from last year - the teachers and kids from the Bucovat school. In October 2008, they celebrated the World Space Week with a "Planets' Game". Coordinated by two enthusiastic teachers, Mihaela Cepeha and Camelia Dinu and with the help of other teachers, the event reunited 30 pupils in the school's sports hall. The Romanian Space Agency, coordinator of the WSW in Romania, rewarded them (as well as the other Romanian WSW participants) with a book and a diploma. The Bucovat space cadets decided to establish a science-fiction literary circle, and Radio Timisoara, the regional radio station, rewarded them with several Sci-Fi books for their school library. Radio Timisoara coordinates "Actiunea Badea Cartan", the person in charge with the collection of old books and their distribution to village libraries being my father, Radu Ciprian Pop. As this year is the International Year of Astronomy, and as the theme of many of the donated books is the fictional exploration of space, Radio Timisoara agreed to give the kids also a basic telescope so that they can catch a glimpse of the starships they will read about from their new library. In attendance was also Laurentiu Nistorescu from the "Renasterea Banateana" newspaper, who came on behalf of the "H.G. Wells" literary circle. It was agreed that on April 12th - on Yuri's Night - several HG Wells writers will visit Bucovat and, together with their younger colleagues, have a common reading session.