Sunday, November 16, 2008

A lovely evening

The recipe for a lovely evening: take one Monica, a kilo of shrimps, Tom Yum paste, coconut milk, eggs, some chicken, noodles, rice, lots of chillies, one piece of Florin, one piece of Cristina, and a telescope. Cook one litre of Tom Yum soup, several portions of chicken korma (curry with coconut milk), and Chinese noodles with seafood. Forgive Florin and Cristina for not eating some of the food for being too hot (chilly-wise), and Monica for letting the food to cool down for being too hot (temperature-wise). Open the window, look for the moon, and ask Florin to mount the telescope. Let the girls have some girlie talk about mobile phones sales, and help florin with the telescope handbook. Serve, as the desert, some caramel-flavoured Roiboos tea.