Monday, November 17, 2008

I shall not vote - and this is why

It is now official - the aim of the political parties in Romania is to gain power for the sake of power. They call it "ciolan" in Romanian - "the bone". They are all the same - across the political spectrum, they lack dignity, they lack a back bone (speaking of bones), and they would do anything for a vote. I felt sick when, a few months ago, the PSD recruited Adrian Copilul Minune as one of their candidates. I said: OK, they are the left wing, it is normal to appeal to those Romanians who listen to manele. I thought the so-called right, or center-right, is ... different. Well, until today:

I had my doubts before whether I would vote or not. I had the PD-L in my mind as being the least distant to my ideas. Now, I am 100% certain I shall not vote - even for them.