Sunday, September 21, 2008

PADI Open Water Day 3: Water, cats, and pasta

Five-star resorts are luxurious and exclusive, but hotels with a lower rating have their advantages – one of these being that they have pets:
I woke up at 8, then we headed towards Bianca’s hotel, we collected her and off we went to the Sharks Bay, where we had our first shore dive into the sea, not before meeti ng some German divers and another cat. We had an endurance floating test, then we practiced the tired diver’s tow, then off we went at 12 meters under water for 35 minutes, surfacing at 10:35. The second shore dive was at 12:00 for 50 minutes, at the same depth of 12 meters. We practiced a lot of skills until Tito, the instructor, was pleased with our performances. We headed back to the diving center for a classroom session, then I had dinner: