Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Egypt: T- a few hours

Here I am, on the road again, this time to Egypt. I am trying to escape a cold, cold autumn (it's 11 celsius degrees in Timisoara, about 8 degrees less than what would be normal for this time of the year) and head for the summer. There's one thing I learnt from Arabic history: if the mountain does not come to Mohammed, then let Mohammed go to the mountain. So, instead of waiting for the summer, I chase it. In Sharm-el-Sheikh, my main destination, there are 34 degrees centigrade ... 23 degrees more than in Timisoara. It won't be a shock; the shock will be two weeks later, when I will return. Though, I remember coming from Finland one other september, in 1994, and wondering whether Budapest was Kigali, due to its tropical (at that time) weather. Meanwhile, I snapped a pic of Traian Vuia's airplane from my seat in the Timisoara Airport waiting area, sent it via bluetooth to the laptop, and then via wireless internet, publish it here. Technology ...