Friday, February 18, 2011

Realitatea TV: Şase români au participat la simularea unei expediţii pe Marte

Having interviewed me the previous day, Realitatea Tv - the main news television of Romania - broadcast this 2-minute story about RoMars2011 at 18:50:

"They saw their dream come true. Six Romanian researchers simulated an expedition to Mars. [...] Romania is the fourth country in the world who simulates an expedition to Mars. In order for the adventure to look as real as possible, the six Romanians lived for two weeks in a capsule somewhere in the middle of the Colorado Plateau. 'We were waking up around 9 AM and, if on Earth we were used to begin our day with a shower, well, we had our water restricted here, we could shower only once every three days. We were brushing our teeth but not with toothpaste - we were using baking soda. If you were to ask me before the simulation if I were prepared [for a mission to Mars], I would have said 'I don't think so'. Now, I think I would dare to embark on such a journey' - said Virgiliu Pop, the commander of the mission. The RoMars mission is not over yet. The Romanian researchers are analyzing the results of the experiments they carried out in the desert".