Wednesday, February 27, 2008 Unreal Estate

Linda, from (, reviews my book, "Unreal Estate":
"Yet another great question put forth by my ever curious 10 year-old Science Junkie: Can people own planets, stars moons, etc?
Over the past several decades, numerous individuals and companies have claimed ownership of various celestial bodies and, in most cases, subsequently offered them for sale to the public. Nowadays, the extraterrestrial “deeds” held by various companies and private citizens number in the millions.
In the 1940’s, multitudes of people submitted requests to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for lunar homesteads. In the 1950’s, deeds for square inches of lunar property were offered as premiums with breakfast cereals. In the 1960’s, the Moon and Venus were officially annexed by several municipalities.
Now the lawyers have gotten involved. Virgiliu Pop, a Pioneer in Space Law has written a book entitled “Unreal Estate - The Men who Sold the Moon” in which he recounts fascinating stories of actual cases involving space property claims. Being a preeminent authority in the growing field of Space Law, Pop makes the legal argument that one cannot own cosmic realestate."